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The number of problem areas the study guide has helped Grade 12 students identify and overcome (updated 22 November 2018).

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Gapup is a study guide that bridges the gap between students’ current academic position and their potential.

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Gapup study guide continues to help grade 12 students identify and overcome problem areas faster than other study methods.

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Research Overview

Jeffrey D. Karpicke, a Psychological Scientist who studies learning and memory at Purdue University discovered that practising tests/ exams as a study tool is more effective than repeatedly studying material.

The research led to the practice of downloading, printing, and providing students with previous tests, exams papers and memorandums to study, yet other substantial research indicated that additional steps could accelerate students’ academic performance.

Professor Royce Sadler, a Senior Assessment Scholar’s research highlighted a critical factor that helpful feedback beyond memorandums was needed to accelerate student’s learning.

Dr Katherine Rawson, associate professor of Psychology’s research, reinforced Prof. Royce Sadler’s study and took it a step further by revealing that to best prepare a student for academic success.

The student would have to:

  • – Use tests/ exams as a study tool,
  • – Receive feedback beyond memorandums
  • – then restudy according to feedback.

Gapup study guide utilises the above and thus achieves an average learner growth output of a standard deviation.