The fastest way Grade 12 students improve their tests, exams and final year marks.


How It Works


Getting started

Students login, select their subject/s and then answer related questions that are sourced from past exam papers.

Identify Areas of Growth

Problem areas that negatively affect each student's grades are then detected and marked as an opportunity for academic growth.

Unlocking Potential

Study Tasks are issued to turn each identified problem areas into additional strengths which help to enable accelerated learning, higher tests, exam and matric marks.

Case Study

Recommended by his teacher, Tumelo, a grade 12 student used the study guide for the following subjects: Mathematics, Life Science, and Physical Science.

The Results
First and foremost, the study guide helped him identify problem areas that would have negatively affect his tests and exams results. Secondly, the study guide helped him overcome problem areas by providing personal guidance and enhancing his retention rate. Lastly, the guide helped Tumelo gain the insights needed to study smarter, accelerate his learning and achieve an average of 10% improvement per subject.

Problem areas identified and overcome per subject:




Physical Science


Life Science

Designed to unlock students potential.

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